Sunday, December 28, 2008

Everlasting Generation Gap

On a mail list, where I'm killing boring evenings, there is many people that are refusing to accept KDE4. While the list of reasons is rather long, as time is passing, some don't change much. You can always find in any of numerous, mile long threads, something like:
- it is not usable,
- it is not finished,
- we want all stuff to be moved to KDE4 ,
- we don't want glitter, we want functionality,
- developers have forgotten the old principles.

Doesn't that sound like:
- young generation is useless,
- they have not enough experience,
- all that new useless stuff,
- young people have forgotten old principles.

To me it does.
It is cliche old as a dirt, used by tribe alderman to dismiss youngsters demand for recognition, in attempt to extend their influence and comfort as long as possible. That is a battle raging since ever, with the same scenario and the same outcome.

The world is changing and every new generation made the world better place to live, why would be different now. KDE4 is next generation software, created by the new breed of developers for the new kind of users, demanding more then squares on the screen.

Old glory of the command line interface and simple windows, will be remembered, and even used when appropriate, but that's about it.