Monday, December 28, 2009

The Wiki!

The openSUSE wiki is on the way to be renewed.

There was a lot of work done, but the pile that is waiting is much bigger.
The list of articles that have to be checked is huge and that is one of tasks that has to be accomplished before we actually can start with transition.

There is few new tools that we selected to help us sorting information and keep new wiki instance in a good shape and also a new MediaWiki software version 1.15.1 that has a lot more to offer then old 1.5. That means, we will have a lot of fun in next months testing what we can achieve with all new options.

Do we need help?
Sure we do.

We can be found on mail list, or any other communication medium mentioned on a team page . Note that you have to be subscribed in order to post to mail list, so please read instructions first.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

ATI for n-th time

ATI graphics and Linux on some computers is real problem. I tried fglrx driver , but it doesn't compile in openSUSE 11.2 .

The most recent development is that even radeon driver is no more good for Radeon Xpress 200 built in my laptop. Not that it doesn't work at all, but you have to use strange methods to boot the laptop to the GUI. To be honest, not strange to me, I used startx very often long time ago, but I can imagine what would happen if openSUSE was just installed to try it out. It would be removed from the box faster then it was installed. With so many options out there it would take time to see that visitor coming back.