Wednesday, March 18, 2009

KDE4 and graphics drivers - problems solved

It is not recent news that Nvidia published new drivers for my legacy cards and ever since I'm happy camper spending more and more time in KDE4.

It is really interesting how fast KDE guys developed such monster software suit. It was January 2008 when I installed preview version with single way to start application, using Alt-F2 to start "Run As" window and type in command name. Now is March 2009 and, with current version 4.2.1, I have almost all that I need. I'm long time KDE user and I need many little things that you can't find elsewhere.

The only problem is that transfer of settings between KDE3 and KDE4 is not always easy. In some parts difference is irrelevant, you can just copy files with settings and it works, in other it is better to create new setup from scratch.

Since my $HOME is old, it will take some time and good truck to move all that to KDE4. Young guys that have first touch with Linux trough KDE4 are happy, they will never learn why old geezers have Konsole at the top of most used applications.

People of openSUSE

I said only Portal and then the other day Carlos asked again for volunteer. Now I have People of openSUSE too.

It shouldn't be much work, except for initial setup and permanent search for candidates. Considering involved work, Carlos kept good tempo of one interview a week. On the other hand, weekly one would need few years to interview only people that are recognized as openSUSE members right now.

Hopefully there will be more people interested for this part of community life.