Sunday, August 23, 2009

Switching distros

Reading Planet SUSE I found link to article
Switching from Ubuntu to OpenSuse .

How many people annoyed with bugs in distro that they used for a while finally give up and go elsewhere ?

I know that is not many, as it involves some time to learn new one, but I know one that moved in opposite direction and few more that have some sort of plan B that include some other distro as an option.


  1. I can tell you from what I know, that switching takes few months to install the same software, learn config locations, config files, package manager commands and functionality and other specific things.

    I moved from Knoppix to Fedora and then to openSUSE. I had some affairs with Ubuntu but they didn't take much time.

    Ubuntu has old unupdated packages and community is very lazy and not too smart/technical.

  2. The geniuses at the apple store turned me on to Linux. I got and installed Red Hat 6 and I was off, then came 7 and eventually they went Enterprise.
    I even paid their subscription and stuck with it for most of the first year.

    But I discovered a Local Users Group, attended a few meetings and was totally hooked. I tried and liked Mandrake (now Mandriva) and then discovered SuSE 7?.

    I have tried Kubuntu a couple of times and I like it a lot! (I think the World of Debian and their true Linux purist ways).

    I still own and use the heck out of my Macs (OSX rocks!!) But on my laptop PC's I use Linux.

    Currently running OpenSuse 11.1. I am a fan of Novell and like what they have done with SuSE. YES, it has a couple of BUGS that drive me up a wall sometimes, (that is when I go to Kubuntu) I am still learning and will do so till I die.

    Some of us Linux geeks tend to be loners, at least that is the way I have learned it. But am happy when I come across others that share the passion and interest. I will always do what I can to help their learning cause!.

    Thanks so much for your post!