Saturday, May 8, 2010


Attempt to create structure in the wiki, or to classify all articles, is next logical step after years of, to be modest, disharmony in the current wiki, but how far we should go and what content can be structured with reasonable amount of work, and what should be left to self organization.

Article Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags talks among other things about application domain of ontology.

Now applied to our wiki, we have:

  1. mix of both stable well defined categories and new topics that are in flux,
  2. relatively restricted domain - Linux and openSUSE, but we go into a lot of details there,
  3. mix of topics that cross boundaries of disciplines, 
  4. participants are more or less not experienced,
  5. there is a limited number of people interested in the work on the wiki, specially to spend time learning how it works 
To me it seems that we are a bit more on "let it organize itself", which will mean make basic structure and rules for maintenance crew, so that copy-editors can straighten out stray articles on important topics without author complains, and don't be to much upset when the rest lives its own life.

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