Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DKMS in openSUSE

AJ requested DKMS which is the good news.

What is not so good are some comments that oppose need for DKMS.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) ideals are nice, and very special word in that name is Free, like freedom. Creating obstacles that will limit users ability to use what works for them will not help us, nor FOSS. We can recommend opensource software and install it by default, but we can't make sure that it works for everyone, in which case giving that as the only choice is forcing users to give up on Linux, or go elsewhere. Does that help to build user base?

With alternatives that are not very strict in enforcement of ideals (and ironically, bring few times more new users to the free and open source software), those that are not happy with openSUSE have no trouble to find what they need.

DKMS is solution for only one of obstacles, and there is many more. If we can't offer some stuff for legal reasons, there is no need to create other problems for people that want to run openSUSE.

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