Sunday, September 25, 2011

Discovering Connect openSUSE

Today I created a group for wiki maintainers on openSUSE Connect web page that I like to call Connect openSUSE.

 Connect openSUSE is a hub helping people with different interests within openSUSE to find each other and connect in interest groups. There is relatively old wiki article about Connect that was created in very early stages, and talks more about technical aspects and some plans then social benefits that we can have from place like Connect.

Group is meant as a place where we can publish events and group contact information in one place. It will make easy for new openSUSE users that look for some activity,  or want to give idea how to improve wiki, to find and contact us by simply typing "wiki" in the Connect search. 

It is idea that is just started so we will for sure try to improve on it.
Here is announcement to opensuse-wiki mail list.

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