Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Some applications seems unlucky to find their way in the hearts their intended users.

Reading today  thread  "What does this error message mean?", I can see Apper sinking another few notches.

Is it Apper's fault?

The answer is not, but being visible component that appears when disharmony in software management shows up, it can fall as a victim. Use Google to find out about "opensuse apper" and you can read about a lot of problems, and advice to remove it was given so many times that new user has no problem to find it. 

Do we need simpler software management?
For sure, yes. YaST module Software Management is old guy that is exactly what old Linux users need, versatile tools for software management, not simple install or remove software  utility that we can see in some popular distros. But, times are changing, old, technically inclined computer users that were almost only Linux users are now in minority, and new generation wants to use computers, not to deal with them.

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